Schools across London have been taking part in the Great Exhibition²; an exciting new STEM research and innovation project. Students kickstarted their journey to becoming ‘Great Innovators’ by researching and designing incredible innovations to tackle global issues, such as climate change, head on!

Some fantastic ideas have already been shared by students including a domestic paper recycling machine, solar-powered trains and a virtual reality application for amputees. 

After spending time to research and develop their ideas, students had the opportunity to share their ‘Incredible Innovation’ with world-class mentors from Imperial College London in a Great Exhibition² mentoring session.   

So far, the mentors have been blown away by the student innovations and have found working with the students to shape their ideas inspiring.

“I have been impressed with everyone’s enthusiasm and imagination with their projects.” 

Hollie Folkard-tapp (Mentor and PhD researcher at Imperial College London)

The hard work and creativity of all the students was brought into the spotlight during their mentor sessions, which have boosted their confidence and given them the added motivation to bring their ideas to life.

“Our invention is going to be an asset to the world” –  Students from Donnington Primary school

Now we are even more excited to see what other students, young people and schools would like to design to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues.  All students who participate in the Great Exhibition²  will be in with a chance of showcasing their innovations at The Great Exhibition Road Festival in October 2021. 

What are your young people inspired to invent?  To help them bring their ideas to life, click below to find out more about taking part in Great Exhibition²