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Winners of the autumn term challenge will receive cash prizes of up to the following amounts to be put towards STEM enrichment activities for their class or school

  • First prize £500
  • Second prize £300
  • Third prize £200

All entrants will receve a digital certificate of participation.

Deadline: 11.59pm Thursday 16th December 2021 

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Aspire to Engineer is in partnership with the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851. 

Click here to learn more about Aspire To Engineer: The Renewables Challenge

Aspire to Engineer: The Renewables Challenge is a UK-wide schools STEM challenge. It is aimed at key stage 2 and key stage 3 students, but everyone is welcome!

In partnership with the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851, Aspire to Engineer introduces students to the amazing world of engineering and inspires them to explore the contributions engineers make to our lives. This year’s theme is Renewable Energy.

Engineering offers young people in the UK fantastic careers and opportunities –  according EngineeringUK’s 2017 report, the UK needs 1.8 million new engineers and technicians by 2025. Inspire your students to be the engineers of the future and change the world for the better.  

By taking part in this challenge your students will gain invaluable insight into the world of engineering and discover what it means to be part of one the most innovative and exciting industries in the world. Plus, they will be in with a chance to win amazing prizes! 

How to take part

Discover: Use our free resources to find out about Engineering Renewables through interviews and challenges from three world renowned engineers working in wind, solar and marine engineering.

Respond: Challenge your students to create exciting and original presentations to inspire their classmates/wider school community to explore engineering

Enter: Send us a short video, some photos and a summary of your entry by 11.59pm Thursday 16th December 2021 to great win prizes for your school including book tokens, mentor calls, and more!

All entries will receive an Aspire to Engineer 2021 certificate in the post for taking part.

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Contact the team: engineer@big-ideas.org

How to Submit

To enter, schools must complete their Feedback Form and include the following supporting evidence on behalf of your students:

  • A one-minute video of your activity and/ or photos (max 10 photos)
  • A 200-word description of what you did
  • Media permissions form signed by teacher / parent
  • A question from each entry for one of the three engineers

If you’d prefer, you can email the supporting evidence to us at engineer@big-ideas.org