We are inviting organisations or networks to join us as hubs to lead Big Ideas activity in your area. By joining as a hub member you will work closely with our community engagement team on our 2018 First World War commemoration programmes: Remember RAF100, The Unremembered: World War One’s Army of Workers, Trailblazers: World War One’s Inspirational Women and Tull100 – Football Remembers. An exciting opportunity has come up for hubs to get involved in The Unremembered: The British Story. Read more on our take part page. You can also find out more about these programmes and opportunities to get involved with them on our current projects page.


Organisations that apply to be community hubs will use their existing community networks as well as reaching out to new community groups locally. We will award up to £1,000 through our eligible expenses scheme to remove any financial barriers to getting involved in our programmes and to build creative and meaningful commemoration programmes with your local community.


Our team will develop close relationships with hubs and support you to develop creative and meaningful ways to engage with the local community. We will support local outreach work and help share activity with media and online.

Our CEO, Virginia Crompton, said

“This is a new way of working for us, and I’m so excited to be able to deepen our relationships with networks and organisations across England and help facilitate even more fantastic and imaginative ways of getting involved in our projects.”

There are certain criteria to becoming a community hub, and all hubs will be set targets in order to receive any funding. Visit our hubs page to find out more and to apply.


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