Blessed Pepple

Blessed Pepple

Assistant Producer

Blessed is a Biological and Chemical Science Graduate with experience working in the UK Higher Education Sector.

After graduating, he was elected as the Vice President of Coventry University’s Student Union. Here, he worked on various projects locally and internationally to support various student groups. He championed peer-to-peer mentoring programmes to support the development of young people and students in higher education.  He also served as the acting President of the Union, and as an interim member of Coventry University’s Board of Governors for a period of time; providing leadership for the Union in policy-making, campaigning, and representation, and serving as a public-facing spokesperson for the Union and all of its activities. Here he spent his time working on projects that enhanced student voices at the University and within the community. He also contributed to the national student movement.

As a result of his passion for education, Blessed worked part-time as a tutor, supporting student learning by creating workshops, supporting laboratory work and delivering learning materials.