11am Wednesday 9th November

Join other schools across Teesside during National Chemistry Week to meet real Chemical Scientists for an inspiring one hour digital event.

Chemistry has the power to change the world! From capturing solar energy and tackling microplastics, to cooking up synthetic foods to feed seven billion mouths, chemical scientists are leading the way.

During National Chemistry Week join schools across Teesside for an inspiring one hour digital event for KS2 students. Meet real chemical scientists working in sustainability, ask questions, brainstorm ideas and take part in a chemistry challenge.

Schools who submit work will receive a certificate and be in with a chance of winning a 1:1 mentoring session with a chemical scientist for your class.

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect your students with role models and inspire them to imagine how they could change the world using chemistry.

Spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis – sign your class up today.

If you have any questions get in touch with our team at Chemistry4Change@big-ideas.org

Chemistry4Change is funded by The Royal Society of Chemistry

Meet the panel

Jessica Pimlott

What if we could power our homes and schools with electricity made from wind or the sun? Scientists around the world have been working very hard, so now we can! Jessica works in a chemistry laboratory at Manchester Metropolitan University to design materials that we can use to make big batteries to store the renewable electricity that we get from wind and solar power so one day we won’t need to use coal and other fossil fuels anymore! 

Louisa Brenninkmeijer

When you are next in your bathroom have a look at your shampoo or body wash. In this mixture there are ingredients which help the shampoo look and feel the way it does and helps you clean your hair. Louisa is looking at what happens to this ingredient when it goes down the drain when you wash. She is trying to answer questions like – how and why does it break down and into what? Does it enter rivers and does it hurt creatures living there?

Chloe Fletcher

Have you heard of nuclear power? Chloe is a chemist that is helping to develop the next generation of nuclear reactor that can produce clean electricity at a lower cost than fossil fuels. This is really important as we tackle the growing issue of climate change. Chloe can handle the heat, conducting experiments with high temperatures up to 1000°C!