Jack Patience Awolaye

Managing Director and CEO of travel company

Jack Patience Awolaye studied Msc Management of Information Technology at Coventry University and graduated in 2015. Since graduating they have been working as the Managing Director and CEO of their personal Beauty, Lifestyle and Travel Company ( La'darare). Of their time at Coventry University they said; "Studying at Coventry University was a great experience and every of my time was really worth while. The teaching and tutors were adequately equipped and also very supportive. The most exciting aspect to me remains the teaching, learning facilities and the support available at all times for student. The city is vibrant and made student life both enjoyable and relaxing. The blend of multicultural students also opened up a lasting opportunity for me to network and establish friendship with diverse culture and background; today I have great friends from other countries as a result of studying at Coventry University. For me personally, it was a great opportunity and still remains one of my most cherished times. After graduation in November 2015, I immediately joined my family company ( Austin D. Consolidated) in January 2016 as a IT manager and also a Co-Director. I am still holding both positions till date. In November 2018 I officially started my personal Beauty, Lifestyle and Travel Company ( La'darare) which is one of the thriving Companies in Port Harcourt Rivers State, Nigeria. I hold the position of the MD/CEO. At Coventry University, firstly I got really great insights from the Global Leaders Program (GLP) and as a result I was able to set up my own personal business after graduation. I would attribute the success of setting up my own business to the numerous knowledge gained from frequently listening to experienced people in business and captains of industries at GLP seminars. During my study days, through a trip facilitated by GLP I visited Istanbul for a short summer school at Kadir Has University and that trip has helped with insights about Turkey and it's Environs, today Turkey is one of my company's most sold out destination for travels simply because I have great first-hand knowledge of the location. Secondly,with the expertise gained from my course (Msc Management of Information Technology) my position as an IT manager has helped our family Company achieve greater heights and received award for excellence. The modules from Coventry University were insightful, the Decision Support System (DSS) and Knowledge Management were key modules that provided the skills I needed to succeed as an IT Manager."

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