Jige Felix Teryima

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Jige Felix Teryima studied MSc. Mechanical Engineering at Coventry University and graduated in 2017. Since graduating they have been working as teacher in Higher institution . Of their time at Coventry University they said; At Coventry University, Students get the opportunity to develop the skills, knowledge, critical thinking, and connections to drive forward their careers. I am a beneficiary of that experience. My thinking improved, my teaching improved, my writing improved and i imparted all the improvement to the students i teach here in Nigeria. However, the duration was short. Am looking for a PhD programme in mechanical engineering. An opportunity to have a fully developed state of the art in mechanical Engineering. Since graduating, My professional achievement after graduation can be seen in my improved teaching, student project assessment, critical thinking appreciation, publication in reputable online journals and home based research. Coventry university exposed me to:- i. professional lecturers who exposed me in depth to the course contents ii. I experienced the use of software for all courses for the first time in Coventry University. Those software gave me insight to the concept and beauty of design. iii. I was exposed to laboratory equipment such as Electron scanning machine, X-ray machines, etching equipment, struers, hardness testing machines, tensile testing machines and a host of others were amazing experience to live and work with. I touched them, programmed them and used them to perform practical work. They gave credible results that were useful for my analysis. iv. Good students i met in Coventry University assisted me in areas that were difficult for me considering the background i came from. Apart from the great experience got from Coventry University, i have successfully imparted the knowledge gained to my students. The objective of the training has been met. Also, am good at technical writing as well as research. What is remaining now is a PhD to cap it up. My honest wish is to enroll for a PhD programme to become a complete researcher in my chosen field of study. IF Coventry University can grant me this opportunity amidst funding i will forever remain grateful.

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