Nnodim Roseblossom Ogechi

Public Servant

Nnodim Roseblossom Ogechi studied Environmental Management at Coventry University and graduated in 2015. Since graduating they have been working as Public servant. Of their time at Coventry University they said; Studying at Coventry University after about a decade of graduation from a Nigerian Tertiary Institution provided a bold new experience that made me reappraise my life choices. It was a beautiful opportunity to learn, relearn, and unlearn while building brand new networks. Overall, it was the single best decision that I had made and I remain grateful for the opportunity. Since graduating, I had 4+ years of incredible opportunity to advise two different Nigerian Cabinet Ministers of Petroleum Resources as a Senior Advisor, first in digital media and later in a broader media and strategy role. I recently moved to a new role as the Innovation Advisor to the Chief Innovation Officer of Nigeria's National Oil Company, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. In this role, I work in collaboration with a high achieving team, to champion game-changing research, technology, and innovation to help NNPC become an innovation-driven organization and effectively achieve a competitive edge across its energy value chain and associated businesses. The single most important thing I learned from Coventry University was how to work collaboratively. It has continually proven to be a useful skill as my work over time has been largely focused on building teams and ensuring that we deliver excellently. Coventry University taught me to lead with kindness and service and I have fully committed myself to ensure that I continually improve any system that I find myself in.

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