Emmanuel Johnson

PhD Student, Research Assistant

Emmanuel Johnson studied Media and Communications; Communication, Culture and Media, at Coventry University and graduated in 2016 and 2018. Since graduating they have been working as Research Assistant and studying as PhD Student. Of their time at Coventry University they said I have studied at Coventry University at Undergraduate, Masters and PhD levels. I graduated from Media and Communications in 2016; Communication, Culture and Media in 2018, and I currently research on Nigerian student experience. Coventry University has provided a platform for me to express myself better, and interact with people from different cultures. I have used this opportunity to produce documentaries which feature stories from international students, for the purpose of giving them a chance to make their (our) voices heard. Since graduating from Coventry University, I have embarked on a journey of professional development as a researcher. As a result, I have studied for a Masters, and I'm currently a PhD student. My aim has been to develop a research methodology that is inclusive for people outside of academia, as a way of inspiring learning for all people. I have succeeded in hosting conversation series with people of different educational, cultural and professional backgrounds, where we come together to discuss academic themes in a manner that relates to each individual. These discussions are recorded and made available to an even wider non-academic audience (these discussions are available on johnsonee.com). I am also producing a documentary on Nigerian student experience (as part of my PhD research), which will make the voices and stories of Nigerian students widely accessible to world. It was in Coventry University that I discovered a passion for storytelling, and research that includes other people. I was equipped with academic and professional knowledge needed to become a researcher and filmmaker. My involvement with the Student Union as Faculty Chair of Arts and Humanities; and university as Student Ambassador, helped to boost my confidence to speak publicly and represent my country Nigeria to the world.

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