Abubakar Gwarzo


Abubakar Gwarzo studied Management Information System at Coventry University and graduated in 2018. Since graduating they have been working as a Miner. Of their time at Coventry University they said; Coventry University is a University like no other, CU has this unique and conducive learning environment. I consider my time at Coventry university to be the best part of my life, CU was and is still my home, since after our graduation whenever I visit UK i have to visit the university in order to feel complete. All am saying is that Coventry university is my family and I’ll always recommend CU to all the people in the world. Since graduating; After graduating i came back to Nigeria i did my national service while serving I started perusing my dream career of becoming a contractor at the same time managing 2 of my family’s companies Les Maisons Property and Les Maisons Investment. After completing my service I started working part time as a consultant with Thermolinks Multiconcept LTD while still managing the above companies, the companies managed to secure over 120 contracts from different parastatals and other governmental organizations in Nigeria in 2 years. Even though everything was going perfectly well but my brother who happens to be heading the entire business was not fully satisfied and kept putting too much pressure, so along the way I came across mining and started building interest and also started dealing with solid minerals, in November 2019 i went to UK on vacation for 2 week so i went to Coventry university and booked an appointment with a career consultant at the Hub so I told her all my progress and also the tension between me and my brother so she advised me to stopped doing things just to impress others and to also focus on what i want, so after that i came back to Nigeria and started mining full time with the support of my mom, we acquire several sites that has minerals like gold, tin and columbite, tantalite (coltan), lead, Flouride and many more. We started exploration last year and to God be the glory the company is growing and few months ago we discovered a high grade Tantalite, we made our first shipment and mad millions of dollars. I am happy to say that i am a successful miner that started a company from scratch and is now a multi million dollar company in less than 2 years. Personally my time at Coventry university made me a better person also taught me the best way to relate and deal with diverse group of people, professionally CU gave me all the necessary training to becoming a great leader and manager, participating in different online and field project made the man i am now. Discipline, time management, decision making strategy and critical thinking ability are the key skills you need to be a successful business owner and if you attend Coventry university am sure you have to develop at least 3 of the above skills before graduating. The best and unique skill that I personally acquired from Coventry university is self confidence, yes the first time i was asked to make a presentation i was so nervous and couldn’t speak properly but before completing my program i assure i can address a whole country if you put the people together in front of me.

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