Ade Adebanjo

Vice Chancellor's Office Project Management Officer

Ade Adebanjo studied Msc Oil and Gas Management at Coventry University and graduated in (2017). Since graduating they have been working as Vice Chancellor's Office Project Management Officer. Of their time at Coventry University they said; “ Prior to making the decision to study at Coventry university. I did intense research into the university’s ranking and level of student support available and these contributed to my decision to study at Coventry University. Coventry University is dynamic in its teaching delivery and support services available. Coming from both an American and Nigerian educational background, the UK higher education was quite different. I had to quickly learn about referencing style (CU Harvard), never heard of it before, critical analysis and critical thinking was a necessity while undertaking a research. The staff at Coventry University, other students, the food, the city, the university environment, and the students union all created a sense of belonging for me. Coventry University did prepare me for my professional life journey. I remember while I was a student, I made good use of the career’s team now called Talent team to review CV’s, I asked questions about work placements, getting a Tier two job and I found all information absolutely useful. While studying, I became a course rep and got involved with the students union. I volunteered in various aspects including running for various student union positions such as Black and Minority Student officer and I also sat on the board of trustees for the student union. Being a board member, I understood how an organization functions, ensuring financial stability in all areas and keeping a good reserve in the bank. After graduating, I became the Vice President for Education at Coventry University Student’s Union for two years and that was a massive change as I was the only youngest black male to be in such position. I did attend various meetings within the university including board of Governors ensuring the financial stability of the university. As the Vice president for education, I had the privilege to work with both internal and external stakeholders such as OFS & NUS. I received numerous awards from the national union of students for my support towards higher education in UK and awards from Coventry university students union. Because of the skills I have developed in Coventry University, I have worked with Eon Energy, SSE Plc, Tutored Chemistry at CU Coventry and worked as an energy balance analyst at National grid... I’m glad I made the chose to study at Coventry University. A young black Man from Nigeria moving up the ladder professional due to the help from Coventry University.”

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