Chiemela Steve Odoemelam

Doctoral Researcher

Chiemela Steve Odoemelam studied Pharmacology and Drug Discovery at Coventry University and graduated in 2019. Since graduating they have been working as a Doctoral Researcher. Of their time at Coventry University they said; “ The experience at Coventry University was one of a kind, The student experience was amazing, the team on my course was more than happy to give us support whenever we needed it. I was involved with a number of things in the University. This ranged from being involved with the Student Union in the capacity of Postgraduate Taught Officer, Co-Chair of the Postgraduate Community, I was also at different occasions, Minute taker, Acting chair and Chair of Biomolecular and Sport Sciences Postgraduate Forum". Since graduating, Chiemela Steve Odoemelam has been: 1. Elected Associate member of Royal Society of Biology in 2019. 2. Elected Associate member of Royal Society of Chemistry in 2019. 3. Elected Member of Royal Society of Biology in 2020. 4. Landed a Teaching Job in a University. 5. Published in reputable academic journals.

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