Tolu Akintaro

Media Producer

Tolu Akintaro studied Communication Culture and media at Coventry University and graduated in 2017. Since graduating they have been working as a media producer. Of their time at Coventry University they said; An unforgettable experience. it launched what i call the new Tolu. the Tolu who is unafraid to ask questions, the Tolu who is capable of anything. My lecturers were one of the best humans i have met and from time to time, we reconnect to brainstorm on work and life. The array of international students on campus makes Coventry University a safe environment for students who are leaving their home country for the first time. they get the feel that they are never alone.I enjoy the relationship the executives have with their students, especially with putting the needs of students as priority. Since graduating, I have worked with the ECOWAS Commission as a multimedia assistant. most importantly, i was proud to be part of the bi-annual ECOWAS festival as digital communications team lead for all 15 member countries. Like i earlier stated, my experience at COVUni taught me how to be more human with people. the life lessons are still what i live by daily. as a matter of fact, my mantra for life is: I am capable of Anything. which was the PR slogan for the university at the time. I was very involved with various activities and volunteering opportunities. I had friends from all degree levels because i believed everyone regardless of their degree had something they brought to the table. which has helped me in working with people in teams as well as strengthened my inter personal relationship with people i meet on a daily basis.

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