Bassey Okon Bassey

Research Student

Bassey Okon Bassey studied Petroleum and Environmental Technology MSC at Coventry University and graduated in 2017. Since graduating they have been working as a Research Student. Of their time at Coventry University they said; "I learnt the imperatives of critical reading and critical analysis in examining published work for application in research. This has enabled me look at issues through different angles and imparted the ability to question things thoroughly before taking a position in an argument. The end result has been an improvement in the quality of papers I write and the necessary research skills to pursue my PhD in an advanced specialty. I also improved my leadership and organisational skills through leadership of coursework groups, involvement in the student union, faculty board, course quality monitoring and enhancement committee, as well as other voluntary assignments. These advanced competencies have positioned me to take up higher responsibilities with better results achieved through teamwork, planning, strategy and managing people. My time at Coventry had furthered exposed me to a diverse learning and work environment, thus equipping me with improved multicultural skills as a globally minded professional. Personally, my people skills have greatly improved as I was always entrusted with one leadership and mentoring role or the other during my stay there. Many of my classmates and even students in previous cohorts looked up to me as a universal problem solver and they still do! This has greatly enhanced my confidence, analytical skills, networking abilities, interpersonal relationships and sense of self-worth. Since graduating, I was employed at Coventry University as an hourly paid lecturer immediately after graduation on a fixed term contract for five months. I set up a research consultancy and academic support business upon return to Nigeria after completing my lecturing contract at Coventry. I have been mentoring young professionals and academics, including my coursemates, on continuous professional development and proactive research skills since my days as a postgraduate student at Coventry; a vocation that is fast blossoming into a business activity and volunteering for indigent mentees. I obtained full professional membership of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and associate membership of the Energy Institute after graduation and competency assessments. I also got registered as a member of 4 more professional societies, with active involvement in their activities. I had published 6 papers by updating some of my MSc coursework reports and 2 additional papers from self-initiated post-graduation research. My agelong campaign of bridging the gap between theory and practice through effective university-industry partnerships has continued to my current university, where I have secured the donation of 5 pieces of specialist flow assurance and process engineering software, each worth over a million pounds, over the past 18 months as a PhD research student. I have also encouraged both taught and research students to learn the use of these alternative tools for more robust research projects that would solve real world problems, thus making them industry ready upon graduation. I continue to advocate for stronger university-community relations to enable my current institution achieve the third mandate of universities, which is community development. To this end, I had initiated and still maintain close interactions with surrounding community groups, ensured that regular conversations are put in place between the community leaders and the university representatives, and am currently working with the student union to plan joint activities that would foster collaborations between my university and the host communities as well as other higher educational institutions across the UK.”

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