Thelma Ibeh

HR practitioner

Thelma Ibeh studied International Relations at Coventry University and graduated in 2015. Since graduating they have been working as a HR practitioner. Of their time at Coventry University they said; “ I loved my decision to study at Cov Uni. No university would have given me the leverage I had. First of all I visited over 5 countries for conferences and 5 of them were partly funded by the University. The opportunities were enormous. Through Cov Uni I made my first job application to Heineken Netherlands even tho I didn't make it to the final stage. I also got an opportunity with the humanitarian affairs Thailand even tho there were complications with work permit for Thailand. The experience I gathered at Cov Uni gave me the platform to first work in a recognised consulting company when I returned to Nigeria. I learnt great skills. Communication, problem solving, public speaking etc. All I do now is the reflection of Coventry University. Since graduating I lead an HR Consulting firm, that's a big deal for someone with less than 6 years experience. I have been able to train hundreds of people".

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