Nnamdie Udo Kierian

University Lecturer

Nnamdie Udo Kierian studied Applied Communication at Coventry University and graduated in 2012/2013. Since graduating they have been working as a University Lecturer. Of their time at Coventry University they said; “ It was stress-free, full of love, full of support and encouragement by my lecturers especially my supervisor Dr Stephan Herbertcher. The relationship between the students and the lectures was cordial, the little opportunity I had to becoming the senior course representative in the department of communication culture and media brought out the learner and the manager in me. Coventry University shaped me into becoming a successful university lecturer who is seriously hoping and working towards becoming a professor in my field of study and a successful business owner. I'm proud of Coventry University and I am looking forward to studying for my PhD in Coventry University. I am a university lecturer in the Department of Mass Communication, Akwa Ibom State University in Nigeria. I have over 6 journal articles published in my name, both international and local journal articles. I am a member of a few professional bodies and I am an Academic Adviser, a Project Supervisor, and a former Assistant Examination Officer in my department".

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