Funmini aluko

Receptionist/ law student

Funmini aluko studied Criminology and Law at Coventry University and graduated in 2020. Since graduating they have been working as a Receptionist/law student. Of their time at Coventry University they said;My experience was bitter sweet. My first year was abit rocky dealing with some things in my personal life, second year challenged me the most. I was a day away from quitting. Final year of university was by far the best year. I met some amazing people. Found out about some societies such as the Nigerian society. Met amazing friends in the process. Since graduating, Utilising my experience from the Coventry university board of trustee and working close with the Sabs, I have taken some few tips into my new profession. This has opened new doors for me and my career. From Coventry University, I Learnt how to work hard, time management ,people skills , life skills. Everything about my experience at Coventry university helped me.

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