Longjohn Anthony Erekosima

University Lecturer

Longjohn Anthony Erekosima studied Oil and Gas Engineering at Coventry University and graduated in 2018. Since graduating they have been working as a University Lecturer. Of their time at Coventry University they said; “ My experience at Coventry was a life changing one. I left better and fulfilled. My experience at Coventry University has shaped my future and kept me in the right bearing. Studying at Coventry University I felt at home, there hands of hospitality extend to international students was amazing. I can't stop talking about Coventry University. At Coventry University dream are fulfilled. Graduating from Coventry University have put me in the front line in the Engineering field. Upon arrival to my home Country I became certified by the highest Engineering certification body in the country " Council for the Regulation of Engineering Practice in Nigeria" COREN. I became exposed to the field of Engineering, My job is not just limited to the classroom, I do other jobs like vessel survey and certification for marine company. Training of oil field personels etc. With my certification in HSE from Coventry University i also carry out HSE related jobs. I think Coventry University equipped me with the set skills by providing me with an academic advisor and a life coach. The combination of both has given me the needed set skill to add value to my society. Yes, I would like to say that, Coventry University should continue to build bridges with the international students as they are ambassadors of the university. I have and will always recommend Coventry University to my friends and country men".

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