Damola Oyeyinka

Educational Consultant

Damola Oyeyinka studied International Business at Coventry University and graduated in 2019. Since graduating they have been working as an Educational Consultant. Of their time at Coventry University they said; “ Coventry university was an amazing experience for me as it was my second chance at redeeming my education. I schooled in Nigeria and came to do a top-up in Coventry. I adapted quickly with the environment, learnt different cultures. My best friend was from China so it was amazing trying out new food and learning more about their culture. I was a course rep and eventually became the vice president of the Nigerian society. I loved the position as vice president as i wanted everyone to feel at home in Coventry and get the necessary support. I also ran to be an vice president for the student union. I never imagined myself in leadership positions before but Coventry brought out my inner potential and it has helped me already as I am the country manager of an educational consultancy firm. Very honoured to be an alumni". Since graduating, they've become a country manager, "working with a group of people to achieve the company's aims and objectives. Professionally, i learnt more about team work and how ice breakers can make working with a new team easier. I used the marshmallow, spaghetti, tape and string challenge to build a structure in my current place of work and it was fun and engaging. It made everyone relaxed and more open to team work. My team obviously won this challenge as build this structure in like all of my modules :) Personally, I gained confidence to try new things and reach for the stars".

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