Jemima Duru

Graduate Intern at the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA, Nigeria) Disaster Risk Reduction Department.

Jemima Duru studied MSc Disaster Management and Resilience at Coventry University and graduated in 2019. Since graduating they have been working as Graduate Intern at the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA, Nigeria) Disaster Risk Reduction Department. Of their time at Coventry University they said; “ It was an exhilarating experience. I got to experience different cultures. I had the privilege of bagging an MSc in Disaster Management from the prestigious Coventry University. I made friends for a life time and I can tell you in full confidence that attending Coventry University is an investment that has been in my best interest. Right before graduation in November 2019, I got a PhD offer at Coventry University, but I needed funding, so I went back to Nigeria in search of funding. I knew that it might take a while so I took the opportunity to work with the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) in Nigeria. Working with NEMA has been fascinating, I got the privilege to practice what I studied, firsthand. I was a member of the task-force set up by the presidency to help alleviate the impacts of the coronavirus on the Nigerian populace, I have responded to several emergencies and I have had the privilege to sensitise the general public on issues ranging from floods, to fires and even maintaining personal hygiene during the coronavirus pandemic. It been a wonderful year post MSc at Coventry University. I also had the privilege to introduce an aspect of Disaster Management to the University of Lagos, and I got selected as a volunteer teacher @ Catering to Africans In Need (CAIN) but the strike and the lockdown of schools has put these on hold until sometime in the future. I would still be moving forward with my PhD program and I hope to resume soon. All I seem to have achieved were made possible because I got a degree from the prestigious Coventry University".

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