Chidiebere Francis Ahanonu

Technical support

Chidiebere Francis Ahanonu studied International Business at Coventry University and graduated in 2016. Since graduating they have been working as Technical support. Of their time at Coventry University they said; It was quite a unique experience. Coventry University brought more zeal in me. It gave the me the chance and opportunity to serve the students and the community. Being a student at Coventry, I felt safe knowing what value I can bring to the table because of my educational, practical and leadership experience. The teachers, students, dean, board of governors and especially the most important of them the (janitors, cleaners and chefs) who make life easier for us students. Always open to have conversations. Since graduating, I worked as the Vice President of postgraduate student and President of Coventry university students’ Union for two years before moving to Canada where I currently work as Technical Support Staff for Sitel. My time in Coventry made me understand that good things in your career and life come with making decisions, taking actions to grow in the areas you want to see yourself flourish and staying patient in all of it to see result of your commitment/consistency.

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