John chuka Onwualu

Civil Engineer and Entrepreneur

John chuka Onwualu studied Civil Engineering at Coventry University and graduated in 2017. Since graduating they have been working as a Civil Engineer and an Entrepreneur. Of their time at Coventry University they said; I loved the fact that it was multi cultural. It allowed me to be exposed and understand other races. It made me realise what I was lacking and I became a better person. Since graduating, I am a Civil engineer and a tech expert. I work with an Engineering consulting firm that prides itself in giving solutions to water drainage problems. Presently the company has given solution to the Delta State Government and they are very involved in the supervision of the projects. Constructing underground rectangular channels a ranging from 2.7m- 3m in diameter for a length of 82 squareKm in each major city in Delta state. In the area of tech, I created an E-commerce platform to aid trading and curb illegal transactions that customers experience. It is a safe place for trading and also earning as a marketer. The courseworks and team projects made me build good team spirit. It also enabled me to work under pressure. It created a mental space for tolerance and patience because of the school environment and minor summer jobs I did.

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