Ekere-Obong Udo Kierian

Crewing/Commercial Manager

Ekere-Obong Udo Kierian studied M.Sc Oil and Gas Engineering at Coventry University and graduated in 2016. Since graduating they have been working as a Crewing/Commercial Manager. Of their time at Coventry University they said; “ Studying at Coventry University was refreshing, educating, impactful, redefining and enlightening. As an international student, it was great meeting and studying with people from different countries with different perspectives, different cultures who speak different languages yet had a common goal to be creative, develop themselves on personal and professional levels and grow to become world changers in their respective capacities. Since graduating from Coventry University, my professional achievements while working in the marine/oil and Gas sector would be: 1. My excellent team leading/building spirit which lead to successful completion of several projects 2. Problem solving and critical thinking abilities which has been helpful in brainstorming sessions and project progress meetings and negotiation with clients 3. Effective management of seafarers on client vessels deployed for offshore rig support with significant success in project completion. 4. Creating/Effective management of ship database/training procedures 5. Working with a team of professionals who are currently building world class shipyard in Nigeria which will significantly employ and train more than 2,000 youths on Aluminum shipbuilding, welding, ship management etc upon completion. Serving in the the capacity of Post Graduate Student councilor while at Coventry University was very peculiar to my personal growth as it reminded me of how much I wanted to be a voice and person of value and generally live an impactful life where I am able help others grow and encourage/motivate them to live a purposeful life with no regrets but only gratitude".

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