Faith Enebimoere Ayamaowei


Faith Enebimoere Ayamaowei studied Msc Oil and Gas Engineering at Coventry University and graduated in 2016. Since graduating they have been working as an Engineer. Of their time at Coventry University they said; Before coming to Coventry I had of stories and got advise from people that said studying in the UK is easy, you can do less and get more and to be honest I listened and got to Coventry. Arriving there and starting lectures I realized that all those advise was for probably other Uni exception of Cov Uni because studying at Cov Uni I was made to sit up and take studies serious than ever before. Coventry as I call it is a home away from home, I loved my experience and it shaped me to be a good researcher and Better students to the extent of referring other students down there. Thank you Cov uni. Since graduating, Been able to get my professional certification as a registered Engineer, presently writing a publication with a fellow mate, and still striving to get a good job, but most importantly because of my knowledge I gathered there have been able to fit into other professional comfortably. Been able to fit into other professions.

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