Nyaknno Moses

MSc International Business Management

Nyaknno Moses studied a BA in International Relations and an MSc in International Business Management at Coventry University and graduated in 2020. Of their time at Coventry University they said;My experience studying at Coventry University, I would say was the absolute best, from having all the amazing facilities joint with lectures and personal tutor who you can speak to whenever you do not understand an assignment or have questions about the course. I appreciate the services offered by the University like the Student union Advise centre it was important to promote that students can go there and speak to anyone and it will be confidential and you will feel comfortable. The learning experience was the best I was happy that we had course reps who helped us relay our issues to the university to be solved in a timely manner. Also, not forgetting the cultural aspects, Coventry university is one of the most diverse university and I was to be here as I joined societies and had the opportunity to learn from people with various cultures. It made me feel a sense of belonging. Coventry offers travel options for students to go on study trips, the GLP program, even having advantage module is great because in the world is becoming competitive and you need more skills to add to your course for you to stand out. Since graduating, I graduated from Coventry University in 2017 and I went on to achieve different aspects for my career, I started out by being elected the Coventry university student union Vice President Activities during the student union election. This opened doors of opportunities for me as a person, as i used this position to be the voice of students on campus, my role included looking after over 200 societies, the Student media and ensuring the sustainability of the university through campaigns and passing of motions to stop the use of plastic straws on campus, it also included winning the award for Responsible futures at the NUS to show that Coventry University is working hard to ensure the university is sustainable. In addition, I was able to attend meetings and be the voice of societies on campus, through speaking to the university and ensuring that societies can get adequate facilities and room bookings to enable them reach their full potential. I also worked to reform the student media and a new radio station was given to the students this helped to promote the media among students even more, as now the space was fit and accessible to all. During my time as VP activities for two years 2017-2020, I worked closely with my team to submit motions to ensure that students who come into University have the best experience ever. From the skills I gained while studying my undergraduate and my student experience is what shaped my role to be the voice for Coventry University group students. My time at Coventry University, I would say opened doors of opportunities for me, from careers workshops to learning with people countries of the world, this is amazing because the skills you learn are for life, from being in this atmosphere you’re able to achieve even more when you graduate and improve on those skills. I believe that my time at Coventry University and the student union working a VP activities enabled me to gained more skills and degrees that will benefit my future career, as I’m hoping to open a consultancy firm in future.

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