Yunana Paul Shekwoyemi


Yunana Paul Shekwoyemi studied MSc in international business economics at Coventry University and graduated in 2017. Since graduating they have been working as an account. Of their time at Coventry University they said; Coventry University is the best if you ask me, they're coordinated, their lecturers re very experienced, conducive lecture rooms, very discepline, my research work was easier because everything was available at the school library, just to mention but few! I wish to have an opportunity to be there again.Since my graduation, my professional achievement have placed me above my peers group, it has helped me to stand out of many. At coventry University Seriously everything I needed was provided for by the school library, which made everything more easier for me to succeed, personally coming to Coventry University wasn't by mistake, I wish to be there again. Intellectually it has helped me in terms of research alot, to research and know it yourself instead of copying from others.

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