Irene Ogede

Solution Architect

Irene Ogede studied a Bsc Business Information Technology with Marketing at Coventry University and graduated in 2002. Since graduating they have been working as a Solution Architect. Of their time at Coventry University they said;“My experience had both the element of adventure and being at home. Adventure because it was a new town for me, and the intimate school grounds enabled me make new friends easily. And at home, because of the international community, I ran into people I knew from Nigeria which was amazing. The curriculum was also well paced and interestingly thought with extremely supportive lecturers and school administration. It was a great experience and I'm so proud to see the university do consistently well year after year. I'm proud to be an alumni. Coventry have given me the tools necessary to trust my skill set, my intuition and my passion. It was a very enabling and supportive environment where failure wasn't penalised but instead, trial through error was encouraged. This gave me the confidence for all my career and personal pursuits. The university did a great job in fostering a strong student community and as such, some of my closest friends to date are friends I made while I was there. Even more the advent of social media, we have kept in touch and supported each other in our careers."Since graduating, they have achieved the following:1. Solution Architect at the largest telco in Africa, MTN, with over 50 million subscribers responding for designing and automating key business processes.2. Project Manager on World Bank Projects for the implementation of ERP systems in two federal states. These projects made the states financially compliant based on a global standard and enhanced best practice and financial transparency with a view to reduce corruption.3. Partner in Volenz, a consultancy which aims to introduce STEM subjects to young girls in rural areas. The goal is to equip them with both soft and hard technical skills and enhance their job opportunities on a global level. This will reduce poverty in their communities and improve literacy long term.

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