On Wednesday 11 October, 2000 young people from primary schools across Barking & Dagenham took part in our food and nutrition digital schools workshop, Cooking up the Curriculum.

From soy sauce to chocolate

Participants were able to meet a real food scientist – Robin Sheriff – and learn about the role of microbes in the process of fermentation from soy sauce to chocolate in this exciting one hour live event.

The event was focused on careers in food science and the food industry more broadly, but also connected to KS2 curriculum areas by investigating microbes and how they interact with food.

During the session students:

  • learned about the food scientist Robin Sherriff’s career pathway and his work 
  • shared pre-event work they did on designing their own microbes
  • created stories about the life cycles of their microbes and shared them with their peers across the borough

Inspiring teachers and students

Teachers were able to access resources including background information, experiments, ideas for integrating food across the curriculum and also signposting to other resources around food science and food safety that can easily be incorporated into lessons.

As a result, teachers felt more confident incorporating food related topics into the curriculum. Students discovered careers in food science, the science behind nutrition and learnt about the new food markets – Billingsgate and Smithfield – opening up in the local area.

“Thank you so very much for this opportunity to explore a career as a Food scientist. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed this experience”