Education Activations

Three female pupils in Birmingham present at a Trailblazers inspirational women workshop in 2018.

Big Ideas creates original and thoughtful education programming with clear mapping to curriculum. We consult teachers in development and pilot resources in schools. If you are interested in joining our Teacher Advisory Board please contact us.


The GameChangers programme is targeted at under-represented schools across London and supports young people to take part in their own social action projects.

The programme has continued despite the exceptional challenges of the pandemic lockdown. Big Ideas pivoted the activation to address the context of coronavirus and give young participants in London schools a voice in London’s recovery.

Responding to the pressure on teachers’ time as pupils catch up on missed curriculum, we have developed a digital Youth Summit format which brings classrooms together in zoom to address current issues with empowering speakers.

Our digital Racial Justice Youth Summit on 1 October 2021 kicked off Black History Month with a call for change and involved 3000 young people in 66 schools in an online event with the City’s Lead for Social Justice, Deputy Mayor Debbie Weekes-Bernard. Watch our film here. Other summits include Climate Action and Food Justice.

Education providers for the Premier League

At Big Ideas we recognise the power of sport to bring us together and incentivise young people. Our relationships with the sporting sector have grown from commemoration work and since 2017 we have worked directly with the Premier League Education team, providing opportunities for young people in the Academy system.

Each year, we run the Christmas Truce tournament education challenge which marks the moment in 1914 when enemies laid down their weapons in No Man’s Land and played football.

We also devised the Trailblazers programme which supports PL Academies to discover and celebrate their first Black and Asian players, explore the damage caused by racism and discrimination and develop strong anti-racist practice.

Aspire to Engineer

In partnership with the Royal Commission for 1851, the Aspire to Engineer schools programme challenges young people to learn about the solutions engineers are developing and communicate the significance of engineering to their peers. This project consists of a resource pack developed with the panellists from The Engineers event and is judged in partnership with the Royal Academy of Engineering. The prizes include visiting Exhibition Road and having video calls with some of the world’s most successful and exciting engineers.