Engagement Pathways

Big Ideas takes a unique integrated approach with digital and in-person tools to enhance and deepen meaningful engagement.

We identify key points of contact with communities, form rich relationships, empower individuals and foster deep engagement. We’re about real world action, not impressions.

We create ‘Engagement Pathways’ for individuals and groups from their first interaction with Big Ideas or our partners, to fully engaged participation in our programming, which will always be a mix of digital and in person.

We select the most relevant tools from our Engagement Mix, to enhance experience, and make deep and rich engagement more likely. Big Ideas believes that individuals and groups which are invested in the project and its outcome are more likely to engage deeply and have impact in the real world.

We’ve identified the best points of contact with communities from unique and rich data and experience built from years of engagement via programmes and campaigns. We can provide unique insights and ways to deeply engage without huge spend and in fact, with more impact, using thoughtful consideration of the best tools.