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We offer a number of free resources for our projects. Scroll down to see the free resources that we currently have available for:

  • Motherhood, Loss and the First World War
  • Remember RAF100
  • Trailblazers
  • Tull100
  • The Unremembered

Motherhood, Loss and the First World War acknowledges the universality of bereavement as the defining experience of the First World War with a special focus on the impact on mothers — an overlooked aspect of grief from the period. 

Read more about the project on the Motherhood, Loss and the First World War project page.

Our new Motherhood, Loss and the First World War resource pack includes fascinating and moving case studies, letters between mothers and sons, activities to get involved with and more. Your group can discover the stories and experiences of mothers who lost their sons and daughters whilst they were serving in the First World War, and respond creatively to them.

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Remember RAF100

Remember RAF100 is a First World War commemoration programme which marks the formation of the RAF 100 years ago (on 1 April 1918) as well as commemorating the many air service personnel who lost their lives during the First World War. With the project you can discover their stories, remember their contribution, and share your findings with your community.

A free, creative resource kit for primary school teachers and a free, informative, engaging A1 poster are available. The resource kit includes poems on key project themes, lesson/assembly plans, a make-your-own storybook, and simple activities to create a model plane. The poster explores RAF stories from the First World War and suggests activities for groups to discover more about the RAF and commemorate First World War RAF personnel buried or commemorated in the UK.

The Remember RAF100 database is also available. The database shows details of over 4000 RAF personnel who died during the First World War and are buried or commemorated in the UK.

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Trailblazers encourages young people to explore the incredible lives of women from the First World War, to discover Trailblazing women in your locality, and to develop as future Trailblazers. Schools and community groups across the country can research a contemporary Trailblazer in your local community and host an exhibition celebrating the incredible achievements of women today.

Groups that want to take part in Trailblazers will be sent the Inspirational Women resource pack. This contains lesson plans, assembly outlines and research tips as well as information on the stories of 20 inspirational women from the First World War.

Email to receive your free resource pack.

Tull100 marks the centenary of Walter Tull, the first infantry officer of black heritage in the British Army to lead his men into battle. He died in action in March 1918. Tull100 works with community groups across the country — including football clubs, youth groups, schools and community networks — to get involved in innovative projects to discover and explore Tull’s life.

Our free, A1 poster and informative resource pack tell the story of Walter Tull, his outstanding civic contributions during the First World War and his lasting legacy today. Through the resources, groups can learn more about Tull’s story and access activities to commemorate him and contribute positively towards their society today.

Email to receive your free Tull100 resource pack and poster.

We are searching for groups across the UK to take part in our project to raise awareness of the lives and experiences of British men and women who served as Labour Corps during the First World War.

Visit the take part page for more information and to get involved.

Email us to receive our free Unremembered World Map for communities and schools. In this creative, informative and vibrant resource there are opportunities to learn about the history of the different Labour Corps, guidance on how to find local stories and participate in activities to join in with The Unremembered project.

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