Today, on Holocaust Memorial Day, the second immersive trail on the Foundation Stones Map is live.

Over 10,000 people across the UK took part in Foundation Stones by painting a commemorative stone. A partnership between Big Ideas and the UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation, every stone painted is a promise to remember the past and build a future free from hate.

The Foundation Stones Map showcases and shares some of the stones and the stories behind them. Beautifully photographed in 3D you can turn the stones as if they are in the palm of your hand, read the stories behind them and discover them in the places they are connected to.

The second trail called a Future Free From Hate, features 24 stones and winds its way from a small town in County Londonderry in Northern Ireland to Stamford Bridge, the home of Chelsea Football Club in London. 

Each stone has a story. A stone painted in sky blue with clouds by a survivor of the Cambodian genocide, sits in the marketplace of a small town in Oxfordshire. Each cloud represents a family member lost. Another, painted by a social worker, depicting an angel’s wing, hovers in the sky above North London and is dedicated to the 1.5 million children murdered in the Holocaust. In Glasgow, a stone emblazoned with Romani design and flag commemorates the Roma and Sinti victims of Nazi persecution. 

The Future Free From Hate trail is supported by The Gerald and Gail Ronson Family with the Foundation Stones Map made possible with support from The first trail ‘The British Story’ demonstrates the UK public’s deep connections with the history of the Holocaust and is narrated by award winning actor Juliet Stevenson.

Discover the stones and their stories in the Foundation Stones immersive map here: