GMCA: Futures For All is an employability skills programme for young people across Greater Manchester with SEN that empowers employers to recognise and celebrate the value of a diverse workforce inclusive of young people from the SEND sector.

We have co-produced a series of short films with alumni from SEND schools across Greater Manchester. These films explore a day in the life of each young person working in different jobs across Greater Manchester; from retail, to healthcare, hospitality, to digital.

A two week programme of schools workshops, built around the films and the lived experience of these young alumni in the workplace will take place from 17-28 April – the Futures For All Festival. All SEND schools across Greater Manchester are invited to take place.

The workshops will allow young people in SEND settings to learn from their peers, build their confidence and gain crucial skills needed to enter the workplace.

The programme will end in a showcase of young people’s creative responses to the two weeks, where they can invite their wider school communities, friends and families and be celebrated by their local community.

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