Two GameChanger Grants projects are off to a great start, the youth-led projects are tackling climate change and mental wellbeing. 

Cayley Primary School

The Eco Warriors from Cayley Primary School attended a Letters to London workshop run by the Big Ideas team in November. The students wrote letters expressing their plan to use their £400 grant to transform the previously derelict school garden.

“We want this abandoned garden to become amazing, with an upgrade we can attract more wildlife.”

The project got up and running very quickly with reception children helping to plant seasonal plants. The teacher noted how informative the process had been for young people’s understanding of the natural world. The Eco Warriors hope the garden will also be transformative for adults and have recruited a group of parents as volunteers. The school plans to train staff to garden and for wildlife education to be fully integrated into the curriculum and school’s timetable. 

“It’s a learning process for all involved.” – Teacher

Volunteers helping with laying a pond liner.

Kaizen Primary School

Year 5 students from Kaizen Primary School wrote letters pitching for funding to spend on their playground. The students explained why they would use their grant to invest in sports equipment so students can look after their health and wellbeing. 

“We do not own a lot of playground and PE Equipment and as a result we have many children who rely on sports equipment for amusement at lunchtime only to find they have been taken by others (or broken.)” – Student

The Year 5 class wanted to teach the younger students about sportsmanship and wanted to choose a new sport to teach to their peers. The students decided to use some of the grant to buy tickets to the London Lions, British professional basketball team based in Stratford. The students were so vocal and happy in the crowd that the players came over to meet them after the game. The players have volunteered to visit the school and have offered spaces on their summer basketball camp.

Kaizen students with the London Lions. 

I always thought our students being so vocal was a bad thing! – Teacher

The students have used the rest of the grant to invest in basketball equipment and are planning to take their new basketball team to the next level and compete. Basketball is now so popular there isn’t a Year 5 football team anymore!

The GameChanger Grants programme is open to schools across London with the next events taking place 1st, 2nd and 3rd February 2023. For more information and to register for the opportunity please click here