GameChangers CPD

Module Two 1 hour

Racial Justice: Turning Conversation into Action

In this 1 hour module we will discuss:

    • First steps, how to facilitate conversation around racial justice in your classroom
    • Harnessing their passion; how to channel those conversations towards positive action in areas they are passionate about
    • Active listening; being prepared and aware of lived experiences
    • Taking action; how you can begin to plan, and support your young people to take part in social action for racial justice

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Step 1 : Welcome to Module Two

Read through the welcome information, meet our guest speakers and find out what you will learn.


Step 2: Let's Talk

This step offers guidance for facilitating discussions about racial justice in a classroom setting.


Step 3: Empowerment and Action

This step considers ways we can empower our students to take action for racial justice.


Step 4: Get Planning

This step offers ideas and inspiration for what a racial justice social action project in a school could look like before asking you to make a plan of your own.