Great Exhibition2 returns for British Science Week, 2024

For British Science Week, ten Imperial researchers visited schools local to Imperial with the Great Exhibition2 project. 

More than 500 young people who took part were challenged to become the next generation of innovators, in the spirit of the original Great Exhibition of 1851. Classes worked with Imperial researchers to create prototype inventions – read more from the classrooms in our picture story below. 

Everyone is welcome to come to the Great Exhibition Road Festival on 15-16 June where their creations will be on display in the GE2 Tent where families can have a go at creating their own prototypes on the Great Exhibition2  ‘inventivity table’. More details about the festival here

My class loved learning about the heart. They also enjoyed being creative and being able to create and invent a prototype


The class definitely expected a old man to arrive in school so it was fantastic to have two young women representing science and challenge the stereotypes.

The children enjoyed learning about The Great Exhibition’s history and loved making their own prototypes for the inventions. It tied in well with this year’s Science Week Theme – “Time”.

My class had a great afternoon and learnt a lot

Our thanks to all the fantastic Imperial researchers who took part in Great Exhibitionand to our funders, Imperial College, London.