Community hubs

Become a community hub in 2018. These are organisations or networks that we work with as ‘hubs’ for community engagement in their area with Big Ideas projects.

Hubs will use their existing community networks, as well as reaching out to new community groups locally. They can be awarded up to £1,000 through our eligible expenses scheme.

What is a community group?

We define a community group as a group of eight or more people. These could be an organised group (for example a school class or football club) or an informal group of eight or more individuals coming together to participate in one of our programmes.

What projects can a hub take part in?

We will work with community hubs across England for four projects in 2018:

Remember RAF100

The Unremembered: World War One’s Army of Workers

Trailblazers: World War One’s Inspirational Women

Tull100 — Football Remembers

How to become a hub

To become a hub, an organisation must:

  • Connect with at least 10 community groups
  • Share Big Ideas resources with groups
  • Organise events (such as workshops, commemorative services, concerts, talks, museum trails) for groups to take part in
  • Manage the costs for the first 50% of the programme, until the first 50% is reimbursed mid-way through (after review with Big Ideas)

Organisations that apply to become hubs could vary from a school to a museum, a football club to a local town council. A hub cannot be an individual but must be an organisation that has successfully applied for funding at least once before (this could be a Big Ideas funding application). To ensure meaningful engagement, hubs will be set engagement targets in order to receive their hubs funding and there are certain criteria to becoming a community hub.

We will develop close relationships with hubs and support them to develop creative and meaningful ways to engage with their local community. We will support their local outreach work and help them share their activity with media and online.

Download and read our Big Ideas Community Engagement Model document to find out more about what becoming a hub involves.

To become a community hub, please complete the Community Hubs Application Form. Email your completed form to and a member of the Big Ideas team will be in touch shortly.