Public profile, media and communications

TV interview taking place in Ypres

We have a proven track record of working with the media bringing audiences of millions to increase the impact of our work and celebrate community activity.

Pocahontas 2017, The Unremembered, Ringing Remembers, Foundation Stones, Great Exhibition at Home, Football Remembers World War II, India Remembers veterans interviews all featured on national TV news. Motherhood and Loss launched on Radio 4’s Women’s Hour. We invite high profile public figures to attend events, meet participants and inspire others to get involved.

The football family have been especially generous – Wayne Rooney, Daniel Sturridge and Gareth Southgate took part in the Living Memory project in 2016, Delli Ali, Kieran Trippier and Danny Rose launched the Tull100 project, and in 2020 Tyrone Mings supported No Barriers at Home by responding to work produced by pupils on social media.

John Kani and Ben Elton took part in The Unremembered Billboards along with Huw Dennis and the cast of The Now Show on Radio 4. Co-Chairs of the UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation Lord Pickles and Ed Balls are championing the Foundation Stones project at the Big Stone Paint with Natasha Kaplinksy also supporting in the media.

The Duke of Cambridge spent time meeting community groups in Willesden and enjoyed a steel pan band performance of The Last Post.

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