The Military Wives Choirs are taking part in Motherhood, Loss and the First World War, our project which acknowledges the universality of bereavement as the defining experience of the First World War with a special focus on the impact on mothers — an overlooked aspect of grief from the period.

Military Wives Choirs from across the country can take part in creative commemoration by dedicating the song Carry Me to a mother, or mothers, from the First World War. Choirs can connect with their local school and/or local community group or workplace to discover the stories of mothers from the First World War and respond in a creative way – with a song or with other creative activities.

How Military Wives Choirs can take part


1. Discover the stories of mothers affected by the First World War by using the Big Ideas resource pack.
We can share information on a mother from WWI who lived locally to you.

2. Connect with your community to share this story and respond in a creative way.
You can use the Letters Collection as inspiration and learn the song together, or hold other creative activities in response to what you have discovered.

3. Sing Carry Me with your choir in dedication to your mother/mothers from the First World War.
Invite the community group to join you as guests, or singers if they are able to.


Get your resource pack

Email the Big Ideas team at to get your pack and take part. The toolkit for Military Wives Choirs includes the songsheet for Carry Me, a funding application form if you would like your expenses covered, tips on how to connect with your local community and more.

To find out more about Motherhood, Loss and the First World War, visit our project page.


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