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Bobby Kasanga, nominated by Hackney Wick FC

Cath nominated her Postman, Simon

Michael Cox, Bedford Free School.

Tyrone Mings Poems

Hannah, London

We all have feelings

We all have thoughts

Acting different to someone just because of their race or colour is unjust and unfair

We all live in the same world

We may not always agree on a certain subject – but is never an excuse to be rude or hurt feelings

We are all humans

There is no place for hate

Kaniza, London

Being black

Does not decide my heart

Being white does not give you a higher advantage

Who you are inside


Nowadays you don’t judge a book by it’s cover

So why judge a skin by it’s colour

Every skin colour is unique

We all have feelings which get hurt and respeak

Anisa, London

Recking people’s lives should not be allowed

Allowing racism to take place

Cannot be tolerated

Is protests

Something that could put an end to it

Maybe everyone’s opinions just need to be heard

Zahra and Iqra, London

‘Living in a homeless shelter with my mum and 3 sisters,

Made me realise I need a home to give me stability to focus on the ONE thing I love –


Racism was all around me, and even on the pitch

I said to fellow players, “did you hear that?”…

Abusive chants and Nazi salutes aimed at me and my teammates.

Me being composed…

I challenged match officials to act immediately.

Tyrone Mings: a champion for No Barriers!!’

Jayden, Year 7

‘Did you hear that?’ Tyrone protested in the middle of play,

Abusive chants and Nazi salutes – disgusting racism and hate,

The qualifier stopped, this revolting conduct no longer accepted today,

EURO 2020 turned into an international debate!


Tyrone stood strong with heart and soul fighting,

His composure in the face of adversity made the nation proud,

Unwilling to accept the prejudice UEFA enlightening,

The legacy of a legend, his opinion shaping awareness shouting loud.

Hamish, Year 6



It felt like someone punched me in the face

But I fought on

The opposing fans treatment of me was a disgrace

But inside me the light shone

‘Did you hear that?’ I challenged them all

This racism had to end

After all I’d been through I would not fall

‘No Racism’ is the message I send.

Adam, 5th Class

‘Tyrone loved soccer when he was a boy,

From home to home that never changed,

At the match vs Bulgaria he was ready for joy,

But racism lurked at every exchange.

Tyrone felt sad but remained strong,

‘Did you hear that?’ he called with his head held high

Match officials knew who was in the wrong,

Racism in soccer will never fly.’

Padraig, 11

Wilfred, Year 3

Zuzanna, Year 8

Tessa, Year 5

River of Kindness


Robert Schlienz Poems

Tessa, Year 5

I had a career that was great,

Playing football with my mates.

I thought I would end it all

When I had a nasty fall

But I kept on playing with a ball.

Rome Pasta Art

Tessa, Year 5

Stephanie Roche Blog

Ellie, Year 5

‘I can’t believe it, I Stephanie Roche has just been told that I have been nominated for scoring the best goal, although I will be up against men. I am the only girl to get this far! I am not only proud of myself for accomplishing my dream but I am also proud that I have proven to everyone that women can play football and also be as good as men. #GirlsCanBeAsGoodAsBoys #DidItForTheLadies #ProvedEveryoneWrong.’


Wilfred, Year 3

‘I still remember my childhood playing football. I was the only girl on my team. It was fine until this stupid rule came along like a monster hiding in the shadows. Genders couldn’t play together so I was given the boot. Things got worse. There was a rumour that girls couldn’t play football. I played for a women’s team. I played well, so well that I have just been nominated for the goal of the year. I feel really proud! So come on girls lets show them.’


Tessa, Year 5

‘I feel ecstatic to know I have been nominated for something many believed only boys could do. Every time I think about the award I get a warm feeling knowing that although I have had many barriers, I have kept on striving until I came out on top with an amazing, well earned Puskás nomination. I feel like I have really worked and persevered to earn ‘best goal of the year’ nomination.’


Moise Kean Shirts

Ellie, Year 5

Tessa, Year 5

Martha, 5th Year

Tate & Tyce, 1st Class

England Kit Designs

Adam, 5th Class

Wilfred, Year 3

Tessa, Year 5

Padraig, 11

Sezen, Year 6