Big Ideas builds networks which bridge sectors and bring the community together. We set out to connect everyone bringing networks in the arts, STEM, sport, voluntary, corporate, education, workplace and leisure together to build new relationships and a stronger society. We focus our effort on under-represented groups with inclusion the foundation of all our work. Specific programmes such as the GLA GameChangers schools project, Holiday Activities and Food Programme and Great Exhibition2 are targeted at under-represented groups. Our networks are local, national and global.


As well as nurturing the relationships we have, we are always growing our networks.

At Big Ideas we use a unique, integrated in-person and digital outreach to connect with networks, individuals and audiences.

Sometimes we employ digital-only means to create a new audience. For example, for the annual The Engineers panel event with the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 and BBC World Service, we were able to bring an engaged global audience from key markets to attend and participate in the hybrid event. We did this primarily using digital tools Facebook and Twitter, employing human touch, dynamic content, and thoughtful outreach strategy to get the best outcomes within the budget.

As well as digital outreach, we maintain engagement activity as a priority through everything that we do, with everyone across the team picking up the phone, emailing, and meeting in-person. We partner with organisations such as Uniformed Youth, or Age UK, or an Academy Education Trust – leveraging partnerships to find new people to connect with our work.