On 1 October 1960 Nigeria proclaimed independence from British rule. This year marks 60 years of independence, and the occasion will be celebrated all over the country as a national holiday.

To mark this historic anniversary, Coventry University’s International Office is working in partnership with Big Ideas’ Nigeria60 programme. Together we are sharing 60 alumni stories, many of which reflect a long-running scholarship scheme which has brought hundreds of students to Coventry. Nigeria60 Alumni celebrates strong and rich connections between the University and Nigeria.

If you are a Coventry University alumni from Nigeria or of Nigerian heritage, you have until 18 October to nominate yourself for a Nigeria60 Alumni Award and register for a special (digital) event hosted by Coventry University on the 22 October.


Big Ideas is proud to be working with Coventry University Nigerian alumni to deliver this exciting project.

Nigeria60 team – Blessed Pepple

“The project puts the spotlight on Nigerian alumni making an impact, and is a great celebration of Coventry University Nigerian students as we mark Nigeria’s 60 years of independence”.

I’m responsible for reaching out to Coventry University alumni and encouraging them to nominate and share their outstanding achievements since graduating. I graduated from Coventry University in 2018 with a Bachelor in science, and was elected Vice President for Internationalisation and Culture at Coventry University Students Union, with a short spell as the Acting President of the Students’ Union for a short period of time.  My Coventry experience is one which can not be traded. The University provided me with an opportunity to develop myself tremendously both personally and professionally. The skills I learnt through my course and working at the union is invaluable. Currently, I am working at Big Ideas which allows me to make real impact in society through the projects we run. The Nigeria60 project is one I hold close to my heart not just as a Coventry University Alumni but as a Nigerian. 

Designer- Godswill Ezeonyeka

“I believe that this project, just like my personal story with Coventry University, will provide what many Nigerians know well – opportunity”.

As the Creative Director of GEE Media, I’ve led my team on branding and graphic design for Nigeria60. As Nigerian and a creative, I found this project to be very close to my heart, and the hearts of my team, all of whom are Nigerians like me. 

My first degree was from the University of Nigeria in Microbiology, but realising that was not my passion I set out to change my entire career path. Straight after graduation I started to develop my skills in graphic design, creative writing and video editing. These skills brought opportunities to work on different projects in Nigeria and beyond, however I never thought I could pursue an academic qualification until my sister, a graduate of Coventry University told me I could apply with the experience I had. I wrote a letter to Coventry University and they gave me the opportunity to study a Masters in Communication, Culture, and Media, a course that perfectly combined my skills and interests.