Welcome to the No Barriers at Home teacher page. Here you can download everything you need to share No Barriers with your class.

Included in the Teacher Resource Pack:

12 Champion Cards – each outlining a footballer from a different country and the barrier they overcame

12 Host City Cards and Worksheets – full of facts about the home cities and countries of each Champion with cross-curricular activities

Big Ideas are also providing a complementary PowerPoint – please email NoBarriers@big-ideas.org to receive it

The project culminates with the Create Your Own Champion Card in which students create their own No Barriers Champion card, celebrating someone who has made a positive impact in their community. Download you resources here:

Photos of completed exercises can then be sent to us and will be hosted on our website to help build an online No Barriers community of students. The No Barriers Team is available to provide 1:1 support to all teachers running the project, contact NoBarriers@big-ideas.org

Videos can be viewed on the individual Champion pages here or as a playlist on YouTube.

All resources are also available as gaeilge below and all the accompanying videos can be found as gaeilge on Youtube here: