This project has now closed.

Catch the Robots Bug

Catch the Robots Bug was a schools competition from the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 where schools created inspiring and exciting work to present to their classmates about robots. Students looked at:

  • Why robots are exciting
  • Why robots are important
  • Why they are important to robots

Students could present an assembly, hold talks in class, make a presentation, hold a debate, create drawings or designs, hold competitions, races, games or challenges, write poetry or plays, create experiments or something else entirely.

Catch the Robots Bug participants heard from world class roboticists Ashitey, Ayanna and Paul and got inspiration from them in the competition pack. Participants were able to hear Ashitey Trebi-Ollennu, Ayanna Howard and Paul Newman on the BBC World Service in the summer of 2017, recorded before a live audience at the Science Museum, a partnership with the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851.

Catch the Robots Bug was open to upper primary and lower secondary (Key Stage 2 and 3) pupils in UK schools.



The first 100 registrations received three copies of the Catch the Robots Bug A2 poster created by acclaimed graphic artist Nick Hayes and featuring inspiring roboticists from around the world.

The first 50 competition entries received a copy of the Science Museum’s Super Intelligent, High-Tech Robot Book by Jon Milton.

Three runner-up schools won a live video call with world famous roboticists Ashitey, Ayanna or Paul who appeared at the Royal Commission’s Robots Discussion in partnership with the BBC World Service which took place at the Science Museum and was broadcast in June 2017.

The overall winner, Howes Primary School in Coventry, won a visit to the school from the Science Museum.


The Catch the Robots Bug competition was brought to you by the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851. Its mission is to ‘increase the means of industrial education and extend the influence of science and art upon productive industry’. Find out all about them at

They worked with Big Ideas who develop and deliver projects for public participation.


The deadline for entries was on Friday 26 May 2017.