Remember Together: Nuclear Test Veterans

3 October –  Live digital event for Secondary School and Sixth Form 

Join schools from across the UK at a special digital event to hear the incredible stories of veterans from a unique period in the UK’s history and ask questions to our very special guest, pilot and ‘cloud sampler’ Squadron Leader John Robinson (ret’d)., 

Sign up your class for a free, 50 minute digital event on 3 October on the anniversary of Operation Hurricane and the start of the UK’s nuclear test programme in 1952 to hear the experiences of the veterans who were there.

This event brings this important aspect of post World War Two history into your classroom. Your students will develop historical empathy by responding to eye witness accounts and deepen their understanding of the UK’s place in the world today.

This event is aimed at Secondary School and Sixth Form in England and Wales, S1 to S6 in Scotland and P7 to Year 14 in Northern Ireland. All schools attending the event will receive digital resources and films for the classroom.

You can choose to attend at either 10am or 2pm on Tuesday 3 October. Click on either button below to register your class or classes.

Registration for this event is free, thanks to the generosity of the Office for Veterans’ Affairs as part of the Nuclear Test Veteran Community Fund.

For more information email