Welcome to the Football Remembers World War II – Remembrance Day 2020 student page for secondary school students.

2020 marks 75 years since the end of World War II.

As part of a commemoration project, Premier League Academy football players have interviewed 11 World War II veterans, who were also professional football players, about their experiences during the war.

Watch the three films below and analyse the life of World War II veterans from fascinating angles.

Southampton FC Academy meets Arthur House, who was called up to join the navy and served on the HMS Illustrious.

Woking FC Academy meets Bill Blount, who volunteered for the Royal Marines and was a gunner on an artillery ship on D Day.

Crystal Palace FC Academy meets Charlie Chase, who served in World War II as a paratrooper in the Royal Sussex Regiment.

Using these films as your inspiration, write a poem about the importance of commemoration and the need to remember people. You can choose to focus on one or more of the veterans, and use their stories to inspire your poetry.


Why not ask your teacher to create a Remembrance Day Display to showcase both your poems and what you have learned about Charlie, Bill, and Arthur?

Share your poems on social media in November #FootballRemembers

Email footballremembers@big-ideas.org for more information and support.

Football Remembers WWII is a partnership between the Premier League through its education programmes and Big Ideas