Start planning for Black History Month and Remembrance

Are you interested in taking part in commemorative World War One projects this autumn? We have educational projects that are ideal for Remembrance activities and commemoration in November 2018 which explore diverse and unique contributions to the First World War.

Informative and educational free resources are available as well as an expenses scheme for small-scale funding (up to £1,000) if needed to take part.

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Tull100 — Football Remembers

Tull100 celebrates and commemorates Walter Tull, one of Britain’s first black professional footballers and a First World War hero. Tull100 focuses on equality and opportunity inviting groups to earn special ‘No Barriers’ medals in memory of Walter Tull. When war broke out Walter Tull enlisted in the Football Battalion in the autumn of 1914. In 1917 he was commissioned as an officer in the regular British Army, in direct contravention of the Manual of Military Law which stated officers must be of ‘pure European descent’. He was the first person of black heritage to become an officer in the regular British Army.

Tull100 is ideal for Black History Month activities in October. You can get involved in football matches, hold discussions about what it means to have No Barriers, make murals, write letters, and more.

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Trailblazers: World War One’s Inspirational Women

Young people can take part in Trailblazers to discover the lives of inspirational women from the First World War and identify contemporary Trailblazing women in their locality. Learn about inspirational women such as Millicent Fawcett and Sophia Duleep Singh and the impact they had on the societies around them during the First World War. Schools across the country can take part in the project by researching a modern-day Trailblazer in your local community and display posters celebrating them and others.

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Remember RAF100

This project marks the formation of the RAF and commemorates air service personnel who lost their lives in World War One. Remember RAF100 is ideal for primary schools as teachers can work with the whole class to illustrate the Remember RAF100 poems and create a unique poetry book for your school library. A free, creative resource kit is available for primary school teachers which includes lesson/assembly plans, simple ways to create a model plane out of toast or celery, and more.

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The Unremembered

The Unremembered project commemorates World War One’s army of workers – the Labour Corps, who came from across the Commonwealth and beyond. Many died, yet today their contribution and sacrifice is rarely acknowledged. Groups can take part this autumn to organise commemorative activities such as making a wreath or using the Unremembered database to find a local Labour Corps grave and discover little-known local heritage. A free Unremembered map is also available for groups to learn about the history of the different Labour Corps from across the world and find out how to participate in commemorative activities.

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