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We have a number of activities for you to get involved in as part of our current projects. Scroll down to read about how you can:


  • Illustrate a specially commissioned poetry book for Remember RAF100
  • Discover Trailblazing women in your locality for Trailblazers: World War One’s Inspirational Women
  • Make your community more inclusive by doing the No Barriers medal challenge for Tull100
  • Become a bell ringer for Ringing Remembers
  • Contribute towards a resource pack that has a unique focus on the experiences of people sidelined in history for The Unremembered
  • Take part in workshops, creative commemoration or research for Motherhood, Loss and the First World War.

Specially-designed No Barriers medals will be available for groups that hold events to mark Walter Tull’s centenary and stand up to discrimination for Tull100. Medals are awarded to groups, rather than to individuals. At the end of the year, 29 special medals will be awarded for exceptional achievements, one for each year of Tull’s life.

To earn a No Barriers medal, you will need to:

  • Commemorate Walter Tull (there are lots of activity ideas in the resource pack)
  • Work together in a group
  • Include new members of the community in your group
  • Include a meaningful No Barriers conversation at your event.

Alongside the No Barriers Medal Challenge, teams will also be invited to dedicate football matches to Walter Tull, and groups across the country can produce creative responses to his life, including writing and art.

Email us at tull100@big-ideas.org for more information and to take part. After you’ve completed your event, complete our No Barriers Medal Challenge form.

Read more about the project on the Tull100 project page.

We are searching for groups across the UK to take part in our project to raise awareness of the lives and experiences of British men and women who served as Labour Corps during the First World War. Your projects will be used to create The Unremembered: The British Story resource pack. The pack will showcase the stories of individuals alongside the creative commemorative projects of community groups across the UK. This is a significant opportunity to contribute towards a resource pack that has a unique focus on the experiences of people sidelined in history. The free resource pack will be shared at the end of the project for community groups to use.

Email theunremembered@big-ideas.org to take part. To find out more about how to take part, read our British Labour Corps – community research call-out document.

Read more about the project on The Unremembered project page.

Trailblazers encourages young people to explore the incredible lives of women from the First World War, to discover Trailblazing women in your locality, and to develop as future Trailblazers. Schools and community groups across the country can research a contemporary Trailblazer in your local community and host an exhibition celebrating the incredible achievements of women today.

If you are a school or community group you can research and nominate a contemporary Trailblazer from your local community to be made into one of our Trailblazer exhibition posters. We will then help you host your own exhibition with your poster alongside those that have been made by other schools and groups across the country, as well as the stories of women from the First World War.

Email us at trailblazers@big-ideas.org with the subject heading Trailblazers Exhibition to take part and find out more.

Read more about the project on the Trailblazers project page.

Workshops: We are leading workshops for women’s groups across the UK. These help develop confidence in communication, as well as inviting groups to discover and respond creatively to some of the experiences of mothers explored through the project. The workshop can be anywhere between two and five hours, and is designed to suit the requirements each group we are delivering to.

Creative commemoration: Your group can discover the stories and experiences of mothers who lost their sons and daughters whilst they were serving in the First World War, and respond creatively to them. These responses will be showcased during the Motherhood, Loss and the First World War conference this September. Your group could use visual art, creative writing, music or more to commemorate these women and their experiences.

Research: Your group can research mothers from the UK who lost sons or daughters whilst they were serving in the First World War. Research could include letter exchanges between mothers and sons during the First World War, poetry written about bereavement during the period, newspaper articles, and biographical information about the mothers and their experience of losing their children. You could look into your family histories, look at local archives, contact local history groups, use the Commonwealth War Graves Commission database, look for books or find memorials.

Email us at mothers@big-ideas.org for full information and to take part. You can also join our Facebook group and connect with others who are taking part in the project. Read more about the project on the Motherhood project page.

We commissioned poet and children’s author Jim Eldridge to write accessible poems about the RAF, flight, conflict, death and remembrance for children and young people. Primary school teachers can work with the whole class to illustrate the poems and create a unique poetry book for your school library. Jim Eldridge is the author of numerous children’s books. He is best known for his My Story titles and the Wrestling Trolls series.

Email RAF100@big-ideas.org to take part.

Read more about the project on the Remember RAF100 project page.

Become a bell ringer to honour the bell ringers that died during the First World War. By joining Ringing Remembers you will:

  • Be part of a unique nationwide project to honour the 1,400 bell ringers lost during the First World War
  • Learn a new skill that is both a sport and an art, social, a mental exercise and good for focus and fitness
  • Be part of a local community and connect with an ancient British tradition
  • Have the opportunity to ring with others across the country on 11 November, marking the centenary of the Armistice.

Become a bell ringer today by filling out our registration form or emailing bells@big-ideas.org.

Read more about the project on the Ringing Remembers project page.