Meet the team

“Research, education, peripheral histories, community engagement – and of course – football – Big Ideas is the perfect combination of all my interests.”

Sharika Alam

Assistant Producer

“I’ve a passion for fresh ideas which spark everyone to get involved. I love innovative inspiring projects which bring us together.”

Dr Virginia Crompton

Founder CEO

“I find people’s stories and memories fascinating and through Big Ideas I get a chance to engage with them.”

Bhanushali Gahlot

Assistant Producer

“It’s amazing to work on such inspiring and exciting projects that give a voice to people and have a real impact on them and their communities.”

Emily Hadwen

Director & Executive Producer

“I am proud of our recent collaboration with the Gypsy, Roma, Traveller community in Wales. I love making new connections.”

Victoria Hatchett

Executive Producer

“I love the way Big Ideas engages with a really wide range of people, from teachers, to government, to individuals in their own home.”

Roisin McLoughlin

Senior Producer

“Meaningful engagement is the heart of what we do. I love getting to know so many inspiring groups and individuals through our projects.”

Esther Myers


“My favourite thing about my role is working on a variety of exciting and innovative projects which bring people together.”

Angela O'Callaghan

Assistant Producer

“I love meeting new people, I am proud that Big Ideas puts people at the heart of what we do and why we do it!”

Sophie Pester


“I love making an impact in my community, and Big Ideas is a great place to make positive impacts and contributions to our society through a variety of projects.”
Blessed Pepple

Assistant Producer

“I am passionate about creative education and have seen first-hand the positive impact of Big Ideas programming.”

Lottie Selwyn

Senior Producer

“I love connecting with people from a variety of backgrounds and all generations. I’m proud that Big Ideas works to inspire people.”

Hollie Witton

Assistant Producer