Meet the team

“I’ve a passion for fresh ideas which spark everyone to get involved. I love innovative inspiring projects which bring us together.”

Dr Virginia Crompton

Founder CEO and Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Historical Research, University of London

“It’s amazing to work on such inspiring and exciting projects that give a voice to people and have a real impact on them and their communities.”

Emily Hadwen

Director & Executive Producer

“I am proud of our recent collaboration with the Gypsy, Roma, Traveller community in Wales. I love making new connections.”

Victoria Hatchett

Director & Executive Producer

“I am passionate about creative education and have seen first-hand the positive impact of Big Ideas programming.”

Lottie Selwyn

Executive Producer

I am proud of my role in developing the visual language of Big Ideas over the last six years. Creating digital and print resources for such meaningful projects continues to be hugely enjoyable.”

Ailsa Sinclair

Associate - Graphic Designer

“It’s amazing to see the firsthand impact of Big Ideas programming on everyone from students, to the elderly. Shining light on underrepresented stories is so important and can really change perspectives.”

Cassie Cramer

Executive Producer