Big Ideas is working with City Hall for another year to support students across London to develop and run their own community action projects. GameChanger Grants empowers young people to make positive change in their communities by giving them small scale grants to run their own community action projects. From picking up litter to creating a playground garden, prompting parents into exercise to raising awareness of food poverty – the list of young people’s ideas is endless.

“Young people should be listened to because they are the hope and future of London.” GameChanger student

Big Ideas host GameChanger Grant digital workshops where students identify issues around them and come up with innovative ideas to solve them. The young people write letters to the Mayor of London explaining what they would use the grant for, how their project would make a difference and why young people should have a voice. 

The workshops empower students to come up with solutions to the problems they see around them and also work on their literacy and advocacy skills. Classes also have the opportunity to read their letters to their peers across London and hear from other young people across the city.

The ideas for projects have been vast and creative and we can’t wait to see what these game changing young people do with their grants. 

“It doesn’t matter what age you are, you can still change the world.”  GameChanger student

Volunteering and community action offers young people so many benefits. New contacts in their community, boosted confidence and broader experiences.

If you would like to sign your class up to GameChanger Grants workshop email to get information about our upcoming workshops in early February, or sign up here for one of the workshops here.